Crafter Cork Fringe - 10 Yards

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Crafter Trims Cork Fringe uses real cork from an oak tree which is laminated to a polycotton fabric for durability and support. This trim can be used to add details to fashion accessories as well as spice up yCrafter Trims home décor.

This cork trim is biodegradable, anti-static, and hypoallergenic. It is harvested responsibly and in an environmentally sustainable fashion. Crafter Trims cork trims are made up of 50% cork, 48% TC, and 2% Glue. 

Crafter Trims cork fringe come in rolls of 10 yards. For example, 1 QTY is equal to 10 yards of trim and 2 QTY is equal to 20 yards of trim.


Cork trims ship from Los Angeles, CA unless otherwise noted.

You can see the one-sheet below for style and pricing. 

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